Switch Accessible Dice

Dice with 5 spots on a blue back-ground.

Square dice with 6 markings next to the number 6 on a blue background. From a BBC Micro version.

50 different numbers from 1 to 6 from the OneSwitch number generator. For a BBC Micro but available on-line now.

Blocky dice, a one and a six. Result: 7.

French switch accessible Dice. I-De.

MARDIS 1980s BBC Micro special needs switch accessible snakes and ladders.

A nice way to support some switch users to get involved with activities they may struggle with is to enable them to use their own luck.

Switch accessible dice can be used for more things than just a game of snakes and ladders, although that can be fun (a BBC Micro MARDIS 1980s one here and a Kongregate one here). Dice can be used to make random choices from a list of options in art, music, games of all kinds and cooking. It just takes a little imagination to get people involved.

Adapted4Switches Dice: on-line dice by Colin McDonnell. The single die has full speech. There's also a double die. Use a switch set to touch or left-click on the dice itself to roll.

Number Generator and Dice: on-line with robotic speech by me. Can enable a user to randomly select numbers up to 100. The picture above shows 50 dice having been rolled with a single press of a button for no particular reason. :) Can be set up for 0 or a 1 for heads or tails, bingo, lottery numbers or whatever pool of numbers you need.

c1ic.mx Dice: on-line (but not Chrome) double dice. Nice spinning effect. Hold switch for a few seconds to exit into a world of retro games.

I – Dé: French off-line PC dice. Nice shaker effect and optional pictures to match the number on the die.

Physical Switch Adapted Dice: Quite a few possibilities. Get in touch for more info.

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