Nintendo Switch - Switch Access

Fledgling work to make the Nintendo Switch and Wii-U more accessible is well underway. All kinds of controllers can now be attached and used to play games that don't require motion control.

Above, Colin McDonnell uses a single switch to play Hyrule Warriors (Wii-U). I've recently tested this at SpecialEffect and found that the system also works on a Nintendo Switch.

Equipment used are two daisy-chained adapters: The Brook PS3/PS4 to Wii-U adapter with Nintendo Switch firmware update (via their web-site using a PC/Mac). Also the fantastic Titan One adapter. The One Switch Pulse system uses Universal Controller Remapper, vJoy and JoyToKey.

Colin McDonnell playing a Nintendo Wii-U (also Nintendo Switch compatible) with a single head-switch.

Blue and White USB plug in narrow adapter.

Black silver and green game controller adapter. The Titan One.

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SpecialEffect: Game Accessibility DIY Help Videos

Some fine new videos are being uploaded to the SpecialEffect YouTube channel. These are aimed at supporting people internationally to find game accessibility solutions. Well worth delving in.


One Switch Holiday

A tiny selection of the buttons pressed (or squeezed) whilst on holiday last week. Top is a 1930s love tester at the Merrivale Old Penny arcade. Next was one-switch Witch dunking at Merrivale's Model Village. They also had press to start a mini Nun choir. Later I didn't "press to test" the ground to air missile launcher at the RAF Neatishead Radar museum


Some Games of Accessibility Interest

4 Ever Transit Authority: I'm a massive fan of mellow or unusual games. 4 Ever Transit Authority fits both bills. It's simply a simulation of travelling freely around a city on a bus. It's relaxed and beautiful as something to have running in the background, or for a gentle journey. The great thing is that it's fully keyboard accessible, making it ideal for adaptation for single switch use. It's pay what you want. Love it.

Racing Apex: Stunning looking "low-poly" (think SEGA's Virtua Racer) race game. Hoping to make this one-switch accessible if possible. Some fantastic short animations on their Twitter page. The team have links to Burnout Paradise, which is a very good thing in my book.

Old Time Hockey: Not quite sure what to make of this (video here), as I love the accessibility modes, but not a big fan of punching people in the face. Anyway, out now for PS4, Steam (PC) and due for Xbox One and Switch soon so they say.

Megadrive Chill editions: AJ Ryan recently created a batch of modified "Chill Edition" games for improved access on Steam. I'm not sure if you can still play these, but a great thing. Cheats and mods are probably as old as video games. They remain so important for games that didn't originally give much thought to broader accessibility. The video below is of AJ playing arcade games with his feet (link to Chill Editions via Ian Hamilton and Bryce Johnson).

I'm making a game! Well, my friend William Pilgrim and I (with help of others) are making a game. It's a remake of possibly the world's first one-switch playable video game from 1975 and it's follow up from 1976. It's also said to be the first to feature a peace mode. :)

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White switch interface box with 15 sockets, external stick and an adapted red PS4 controller with velcro.

Great to discover TADQ. A charity based in New South Wales, Australia, modifying equipment to make stuff more accessible. Their ControlAble sideline seeks to make gaming much easier for all. All power to them.

Via: Joe Morgan at SpecialEffect. Also see the Tailor Made Controls section at OneSwitch.


Try not to Laugh / Smile games

Ah, the ancient game of first to laugh/smile loses. Similar to stare outs and sleeping lions, where the first to blink or move is the loser. The last to do so the winner.

The video above has some fierce strobing, so beware if you have photosensitive epilepsy and are prone to be affected. Lots more on YouTube. Put anything on that's funny and give it a go against the clock. Perhaps hook up a switch to the SPACE BAR to stop the video as soon as the competitor cracks a smile.


Bits and Bobs

Image of a Vectrex playing the ones-switch game Release, Semantics, Game Control Mixer and Titan Two.

A few projects underway, not necessarily related... But it's just too hot...

Possum PSU 3 Environmental Controller

"A 1980 demonstration video of the PSU 3 Environmental Controller. This is an early environmental controller system that was used by the severely disabled to operate equipment in their home. Some of the most important functions available to users was the ability to call for help, make and receive phone calls and control appliances such as a TV set. One of the users of the PSU 3 system was Robin Cavendish who was a British advocate for the disabled."

Via: Possum YouTube channel.

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Car Sponge (Gaming) Hand Controller

Fine prototype work from Graham Law of Celtic Magic. The video above is of a low pressure comfortable device for game control. Some really exciting stuff in the pipeline with a tie-up with OneSwitch. Watch this space.

Image of a car sponge next to a custom hand mount with finger switches and a thumb-stick.



Walkin VR toted as "Virtual Reality in bed, wheelchair, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), one arm" is an exciting development in accessibility.

The video above is said to show some "people with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) playing Virtual Reality using Oculus with WalkinVR during Good Game 2017 in Warsaw, [Poland]". Definitely looking forward to investigating this. My hope is for standard controller access over VR games. Might need more thought for this at game development level. Watch this space.

Download WalkinVR at

Follow WalkingVR at

Found via: @AxGameDesign on Twitter.


Nintendo Switch: PS3 and PS4 controller adapter

Brook: PS3/PS4 to Wii U Super Converter lets you use your PS3/PS4 controllers to play games on Wii U, Wii and Nintendo Switch !!

Brook have just recently posted a fun video to announce Nintendo Switch compatibility. The adapter allows PS3 and PS4 compatible controllers to work on a Nintendo Switch. There's no emulation for motion controlled elements, so some games may remain inaccessible, if there's no in-game alternative offered.

This is positive news. I'm really hoping this will work daisy-chained to a Titan One device (or Cronus if you must). Ideally the Titan Two too. This should open up some one-switch game possibilities.

Via: Brook. A UK stockist can be found in

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