Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (One Button / One Switch)

It's taken a while, but with help from Clive Galway (with Gyros), I've found a way to make one of my favourite games one-switch accessible.

The Chinese Room's Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a unique and evocative game. So much so that I often get related smells pop into my head (being near a lake, pub smells, linen on a line, fresh rain on country roads). I've never known a game like it. I wish there were more.

The One Switch Pulse system allows for a single button (or accessibility switch) to change its function from a list. In "Look", pressing your switch will look up,right,down or left in turn. In "Walk" it walks forward whilst pressing the cross action button, or looks left or right so you can change direction. In six-axis, it's possible to now unlock the light spirits with a held press. Sometimes it takes a few variations of holding, releasing and holding for trickier spirits.

Before this mod, as with a few PS4 games, forcing six-axis caused problems for people without a means to access this very precise method of control. The Chinese Room solved this problem with their brilliant PC version. Unfortunately, the PC version does need a very powerful set-up, so I've always wanted to find a way to open up the PS4 version more fully. Now it's possible.

Black and white silhouette of a young man and woman on the brow of a hill holding hands, surrounded by three butterflies.

Blue small switch being held. Scene of an English lane in autumn sun.

Blue button being held, triggering a spirit release.

Image of the PC One Switch Pulse system with Everybody's Gone to the Rapture profiles.

An image of the Rapture map, with infinity symbols indicating where a light spirit can be found.

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